Shake A Paw : Shake A Paw - New Jersey's Puppy
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Shake A Paw : Shake A Paw - New Jersey's Puppy
Breeds In Stock
Shake A Paw typically carries between 100 and 140 pure-breed and mixed-breed puppies in our modern, State-of-the-Art Puppy Showroom, Veterinarian-Certified Healthy and ready to take home the same day you visit. All of our puppies are fully vaccinated up-to-date and are Microchipped for identification. If you are looking for a particular breed, sex, or color variety, we will be happy to place a Special Order for you.

Our list is updated daily and prices are subject to change, so please feel free to E-mail or call us at (732) 968-2522 for any additional information. Click on photo or text for expanded details and to make a deposit.

Photo Breed Sex Color Birth Date Registry Puppy Number Arrival Date Original Current
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDMALEBLUE MERLE08/21/14APRP1424100210/22/14$1550.00$1550.00
BICHON FRISEMALEWHT07/28/14AKCO06672109/30/14$1450.00$1450.00
BICHON FRISEFEMALEWHT08/06/14APRO06732310/21/14$1450.00$1450.00
BOSTON TERRIERMALEBLK/WHT08/21/14UABP1424230110/22/14$1550.00$1550.00
COCKER SPANIELMALEBLUE ROAN06/23/14APRP1418660108/20/14$1450.00$399.00
ENGLISH BULLDOGMALEFAWN/WHT08/13/14AKCP1423620210/15/14$3600.00$3600.00
FRENCH BULLDOGFEMALEBLK PEBBLED07/20/14APRO03952009/23/14$3400.00$3000.00
GERMAN SHEPHERDFEMALESABLE08/02/14CKCO01283410/14/14$1800.00$1800.00
LABRADOR RETRIEVERMALEBLK07/25/14AKCO06676809/30/14$1600.00$1300.00
LHASA APSOMALEGOLD PARTI07/13/14APRO06633509/16/14$1300.00$899.00
LHASA APSOFEMALEGOLDEN07/13/14AKCO14257609/16/14$1300.00$999.00
RAT TERRIERFEMALETRI07/03/14APRO06628909/30/14$899.00$899.00
RAT TERRIERFEMALETRI07/25/14N/AO10188409/30/14$899.00$899.00
SHIBA INUMALERED07/26/14ACAP1422180209/24/14$1600.00$1350.00
SHIH TZUMALEGOLD/WHITE06/27/14APRO03874909/02/14$1450.00$699.00
SHIH TZUMNGOLD/WHT08/15/14AKCO14295510/21/14$1450.00$1450.00
TOY FOX TERRIERMALETRI06/19/14UKCO06550708/26/14$1250.00$399.00
TOY FOX TERRIERFEMALETRI08/18/14APRB0837610/22/14$1300.00$1300.00
YORKSHIRE TERRIERMALEBLK/TAN07/14/14AKCB0666109/17/14$1800.00$1300.00
YORKSHIRE TERRIERFEMALEBLK/TAN07/24/14APRP1421850609/24/14$2400.00$1800.00
GOLDENDOODLE MIXMALEGOLDEN08/01/14ACHCO06691810/07/14$1650.00$1500.00


  • Tax will be added and paid at time of pickup.
  • In addition to the price of the puppy, please make a notation that the following charges will be added to the price also applied: Vaccine & Worming Fee, $57.00, Microchip Fee, $69.00, Veterinary Fee, $26.00, and Medical Waste Disposal Fee, $5.00.
  • Once the deposit is paid, the puppy must be picked up from the store within 5 days. Please contact the store during business hours to confirm date of pick up.
  • Pictures are taken at 8-10 weeks of age. Puppies may be larger than they appear in the pictures.

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